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As something external and strange,
everything new appears poetic –
As something internal and of the self,
everything old also appears romantic –
For both contrast with the commonplace –
or with each other. The newness of the old –
the oldness of the new.

moderntimes_1800 is a young Austrian chamber orchestra comprising international specialists. It was founded in 2003 by Ilia Korol and Julia Moretti who set out to form an ensemble from a new generation of musicians, proficient both in historical performance and in the music of the 20th century.

All composers have written and continue to write for the instruments of their particular age – and, as such, all music can claim to have been “modern” in its own time. The inclusion of the date “1800” in the name of the orchestra refers to one of the most turbulent epochs in European history in which society, politics and culture all underwent fundamental change, heralding the advent of European Modernity. The transition from the 18th to the 19th century marked the beginning of the collapse of an epoch, characterised by upheaval and reorientation in the most diverse spheres.

Availing itself of the instruments and the playing styles of the time in which a work was created, moderntimes_1800 is of the firm conviction that the musical language of an epoch can find most vivid expression when articulated using the musical means of that particular period. In some concert programmes this also involves conducting the orchestra from the concertmaster’s desk.

moderntimes_1800 performs either as an historical or modern chamber orchestra, but also in smaller formations, such as the quartet. In its concert programmes, the ensemble displays a keen interest not only in highlighting thematic commonalities and contrasting various epochs, but also in focussing on the countervailing cultural and social developments within one epoch. This approach inevitably forges links with literature and various dramatic forms, extending even to opera – for example “Der Seelen wunderliches Bergwerk“ (Awesome Underground of Souls), a work commissioned by the RuhrTriennale, or “Der Liederabend – Elfenbeinkönigin im tiefen Tal” (The Recital – Ivory Wonder in the Deep Dark Valley).

Since its inception, moderntimes_1800 has given a number of highly prestigious concerts, guesting, for example, at the opening of the 2004 Vienna Festival, the 2005 and 2006 RuhrTriennale in Duisburg and the Salzburg Festival in 2006 as well as at various German and Austrian concert halls and festivals. Together with Michael Schade, Patricia Petibon, Juliane Banse, Tobias Moretti and Sylvie Rohrer, the orchestra performed in the highly acclaimed production of “The Liederabend“ at the 2006 Salzburg Festival.


Artistic direction
Ilia Korol und Julia Moretti

Ilia Korol Violin
Ilia Korol hails from Kiev, studied violin under Abraham Stern and Marina Iashvili at Moscow’s Music Academy and since 1997 has lived in Austria. In recognition of his artistic achievements he received Austrian citizenship in 2001.

He has performed as concertmaster of the Musica Antiqua Köln, the Bach Ensemble with Joshua Rifkin and the Spanish Baroque Orchestra RCOC and furthermore is member of the ensemble
Ars Antiqua Austria and the Clemencic Consort.
Ilia Korol has also featured on numerous CD recordings.


Julia Moretti Oboe
studied the modern oboe in Innsbruck and the Baroque oboe in Strasbourg and Milan. For ten years she was a full-time member of the Voralberg Symphony Orchestra and has performed together with various highly-acclaimed Baroque ensembles, such as Il Giardino Armonico, the Ensemble Zefiro and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, at many leading concert venues, among them Vienna’s Musikverein, the Vienna Concert House, the Teatro San Carlo Napoli, the Schwetzing Festival, the Munster Baroque Festival and the Bregenz Festival.


Veronika Zimmermann Dramaturgie
studierte Germanistik, Philosophie und Kath. Theologie an der Universität Bonn, absolvierte nebenher eine private Gesangsausbildung und arbeitete mehrere Jahre als Musikjournalistin. 1997-2000 war sie Dramaturgin der Innsbrucker Festwochen, 2001-2004 Assistentin der Intendanz des Barockfests Münster (Barbara Schlick). Sie ist Mitarbeiterin von Tobias Moretti (Presse/Dramaturgie) und seit der Gründung des Kammer-orchesters moderntimes dessen Dramaturgin. Zu den Musikproduktionen, die sie in den letzten Jahren dramaturgisch betreute, gehören u. a. „Der Seelen wunderliches Bergwerk“ (moderntimes, Ruhrtriennale, Theater an der Wien), „Mozart Letters - Salomons Reise“ (Michael Schade, Toronto Symphony Orchestra) und „Der Liederabend – Elfenbeinwunder im tiefen dunklen Tal“ (moderntimes_1800, Salzburger Festspiele, Ruhrtriennale).

Veronika Zimmermann, Dramaturgie



Ilia Korol
Piroska Batori
Anna-Maria Smerd
Christiane Bruckmann-Hiller
Diana Kiendl
David Drabek
Anne Melkonyan
Florian Hasenburger
Agnes Petersen
Ursula Wykypiel
Lucia Froihofer

Peter Sestak
Pablo de Pedro
Wolfram Fortin
Lucas Schurig

Gyöngy Erödi
Kaspar Singer
Gerlind Singer

Jan Krigovsky
Walter Rumer
Alexandra Dienz
Barbara Fischer

Linde Brunmayr-Tutz
Annie Laflamme

Julia Moretti
Magda Karolak

Rainer Johannsen
Marita Schaar-Faust

Christian Binde
Martin Schöpfer

Andreas Lackner
Herbert Walser
Herbert Zimmmermann

Charlie Fischer

Norbert Zeilberger

Natalia Grigorieva


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